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About Us

Badranaya Partnership is a full service law firm established in 2022 by a team of young and dynamic professionals with a deep respect for the law and a keen interest in assisting clients, both foreign and domestic, to achieve their immediate or long-term goals within the Indonesian legal environment

The firm’s name, Badranaya, is inspired by Ki Lurah Semar Badranaya (or commonly known as Semar), a character in the Javanese mythology who frequently appears in Indonesian wayang shadow plays. In the myths, Semar's role was to be a spiritual advisor and magical supporter of the royals, and those of their descendants who protect the humans of Java. Semar’s story incites our vision to become strategic advisors and critical legal counsels, delivering excellence and trust to our clients.

Our firm is also influenced by the Javanese philosophy “Bodronoyo”, a term derived from two Javanese words: “Bebodro” meaning strong foundation, and “Noyo” meaning trust. This philosophy became our founding principle in providing tailored legal services based on excellence and trust. By holding on to this philosophy, our fast-growing firm is quickly acknowledged and highly praised by our clients for our swift responsiveness, integrity, thorough analysis, as well as comprehensive and out-of-the-box legal solutions and advice.